Sades headset review

SADES SA917 Gaming Headset

Everyone appreciates a quality pair of cans, whether they enhance the listening pleasure of an amazing track, assist with delving deeper into the realm of a game, or simply amplify the solo movie viewing experience. Headphones have an ineffable ability to establish a connection between reality and the ever-growing digital world. Headphones are more than simple sound emitting devices, for they are an expression of individualism; produced in many shapes, colours and sizes, making it more convenient to find a pair that suits your niche.

Every Sades headset looks impressive with contrasting smooth and sharp design features complimenting one another; resembling a pair of headphones two price categories above it. The cable is hardy, willing to withstand long hours of use and vigorous emotions during high-stakes games.

When adorning the cans, a couple of things become apparent; the padding of the head and ear cushions are soft while holding shape, they retain a comfortable feeling during extended use, and an over-ear fit lets the entire ear nestle snuggly inside a padded hexagon. However, they are not entirely noise cancelling, but do manage to muffle out and reduce exterior noise by a significant degree; more effectively than any other headsets in its range.

Next up is the built-in microphone, with an energetic round of applause dedicated to the design and quality of the ‘nub-mic’. The small mic juts out an inch from the left housing hexagon, permitting the microphone to be non-invasive and its presence easily forgotten. The speech quality delivered from the microphone is fantastic with very low static and no rumble interference; generating an overall quality that is very crisp and easy to hear.

Pertaining to the gaming side of things with the Sades headset, it has no problem sustaining use for long durations. After long hours spent battling foe, screaming for support and informing the entire gaming community about their noob-like performance, the headphones stay cool, comfortable and perspiration free. Ergonomically there are no issues, the flexible yet sturdy cable steers clear of constant mouse and keyboard adjusting, and due to the lightweight materials used in the headset it scarcely moves about.

The sound generated in stereo is clear and precise for a multitude of game genres, delivering detailed sound levels. Lacking surround sound capabilities however, might slightly hamper a seasoned player of FPS games were the directional sound of footsteps play an important role in locating enemies. With that said, do not expect to find any decent headset with surround sound capabilities for anything less than double the value of a Sades headset.

For those who enjoy extras in their tech there is something for you too, the headset has lighting in its ear-housing units powered through a USB jack. The lights give the cans a look and feel about them of a substantially more expensive gaming headset; as well as not generating extra heat from the lights after hours of use.

When plugging the Sades headset into a cell phone, computer or iPod to listen to a few tracks, or even binge a new album; the same emotion emerges, surprise. As a gaming headset, it would be safe to assume that listening to music is a secondary attribute, but the surprise of experiencing detailed and clear sound throughout the ranges was not an expected feature. The low and mid ranges are delivered with a crisp tone and little to no rattle, not even when pushing the headset by applying a digital bass boost. The high end is decent and clear, but when transmitting a series of intense highs in quick succession there is a slight bit of treble cancelling. The overall sound generated retains a good neutral tone; encouraging a wide variety of music to be enjoyed, and with the audio control monitor placed stealthily on the back of the left ear-housing unit; adjusting volume levels is made easy by rolling a thumb up or down along the wheel.

The materials used in manufacturing the Sades headset appear to be of good quality; indicating a decent life expectancy. The artificial leather used to cover the head and ear pads is soft and pliable; attributes that should be implemented for comfortability. The plastics used feel sturdy in the correct places, apart from one potential weak spot; the plastic utilized in the size adjusters that allow the left & right ear-housing units to slide up or down might wear slightly faster than the rest of the headset. The two jacks and USB at the end of the cord feel solid and are not likely to bend or break easily; which is fantastic for gaming when excitement levels are high causing abrupt movements and unforeseen input dislodging’s.

All pros and cons weighed up, the Sades gaming headset is a great entry level headset with multipurpose applications. The materials and sound quality are good, the ergonomics are splendid, and visually it looks great. In its price range, beating the Sades headsets would be a tough ask; so much so it could be said that in its class the quality is like having two ethereal clouds rest over your head as angels sing into your ears. Not quiet but that is how good these cans are compared to the majority of its competitors.

SADES SA917 USB Stereo Gaming Headset


SADES SA917 Gaming Headset Features

  • Universal Platforms: SADES SA917 is Suitable for all audio devices with USB port. For example,this headset is compatible with PC, Mac, Windows XP, Vista, Win 7.1, Win 8, Win 8.1, Win 10.
  • Excellent Sound: 40mm HIFI capable driver with 20~20KHz frequency response, deep bass with EQ function. Further immerse you in your favorite games, movies, and music. The leather foam headband adjust to itself according to who’s wearing it, over ear super soft ear cups to keep your ears comfortable during long gaming session.
  • Flexible Microphone: High sensitive and adjustable microphone insert with noise canceling technology. You can adjust the direction according to your need so that it will bring you the best gaming atmosphere. Adjustable mic to reduce environmental noise so you can be heard clearly. You can adjust it up and down or move it completely out of your way for clearest voice pick up
  • Comfortable Experience: Extreme soft and ventilate protein ear cushion for extend gaming comfort. Reinforced headband offering levels of height adjustment for perfect fit and long time wearing.


SADES SA917 Gaming Headset Technical Specifications

  • Input Plug: USB
  • Frequency range: 20-20.000Hz
  • Sensitivity: 110+/-3dB at 1kHz
  • Impedance: 32 Ohm at 1khz
  • Max Input power: 15mW
  • Mic Sensitivity: -38dB +/- 3 dB
  • Mic Frequency Range: 50-10KHz
  • Mic Impedance: <2.2K at 1khz
  • Headset cable length: Approx.2.2m
  • Loudhailer diameter: 40mm (NdFeB)
  • Approximate Weight: 420g


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