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With the ever expanding sphere of internet media, streaming services are booming, both commercially and artistically. The concept of cinema and theatre is slowly dissolving because more and more people now have access to content right at their desktops and TVs from the comfort of their homes.

The digital data is vast and getting more vast still. With new movies, TV shows, documentaries, interviews and sit-coms being churned out at an ever accelerating pace, it has allowed streamers a unique platform to host their services with no limitations of demand.

However, that presents certain obvious problems. The amount of streams are so many and so varying that it becomes nearly impossible to organize in a way that lets you find whatever you are looking for.

What is Mobdro?

Mobdro is a comprehensive software that scours the web for free video streams and links them directly to you on your Android mobile device, smartphone or tablet, and not only to Android, there are ways to install Mobdro on Firestick or Kodi, the free and open-source media player software application, even Mobdro for Windows devices solutions.

The official website is where you can download the app. The installation process is fairly simple and can be done in a couple of clicks. However, if you are having trouble installing it, the site offers a brief but clear installation guide.

Note in mind, that the Mobdro apk download can only be performed from the above mentioned site and nowhere else. So any other website that offers a download link is either redirecting you to this page or duping you entirely.

Free or nah?

The question on everyone’s mind nowadays. It’s almost like nobody wants to spend money anymore but expects the best products in return.

Lucky for all you miserly folks, Mobdro is free. Or rather one version of it is, known as the “Freemium” version.

No, this is not a trial version. It is a complete product that works like a charm, although you can expect ads.

The other, “Premium” version offers a few extra features which are well worth the price. First of all, there shall be no irksome advertisements. It also has the capability of capturing streams and comes with ChromeCast support.

How to go premium

It’s simple. Start by downloading and installing the free version then tapping the “Go Premium” logo in the corner to subscribe to the premium service. You can unsubscribe anytime if it doesn’t take your fancy.


Mobdro tv also has a convenient, single click way for you to link whatever you’re watching with a friend who also has a Mobdro account.

That way you can share you favorite videos.

Without limits

Mobdro can find any kind of video stream, regardless of which country it’s from, what language it is in or the subject matter of the stream itself.

And it does this quite efficiently too. One would imagine that it takes a monstrously long time to locate some reclusive stream but it’s actually pretty fast.

Watching offline

You also have the capability to download a stream that you like and then watch it later even if you’re offline.

The feature comes in handy for those who have an unreliable internet connection that often takes unscheduled breaks or for those who expect to travel in the near future without any chance of internet connectivity.


The Mobdro app allows an easy way for you to sift through the excessive amount of material by bookmarking what you find important and allowing you to filter everything by topic or language.

Permission to access data

The Mark Zuckerberg fiasco is simply the latest in a string of cases relating to supposedly “stolen user data”. While the claims themselves did seem far-fetched and ridiculous to begin with, it has made a lot of people apprehensive with respect to using any apps that requires you to review and allow them access to data on your phone.

So, it’s best to clear that up right here. Mobdro wants nothing to do with your personal information. It doesn’t have access to your photos, videos, search engine queries, personal documents, or any of your contacts.

The only permission it does need is for accessing your device’s main account in order to verify that you have, in fact, purchased the full premium version of Mobdro and then to activate all the extra features.

Mobdro may also require permission to start on Boot in order to check for updates. The service can run in the background with next to no effect on battery life and can be enabled from settings.


Your mobile or tablet is, by default, set to not install any apps from unknown sources. By sources unknown, they basically mean anything other than from the Google Playstore.

For the Mobdro apk app to install without hiccups, you have to change your device settings to allow the installation of apps from unknown sources.

Go to Settings, then click on the “Security” Icon. There you will find an option that enables Unknown Sources.

Normally you won’t have to do this as your phone will ask you directly whether you wish to enable the option when you attempt to install the file.

Before Installation commences, it will ask your permission for certain requirements. Once your allow access, it will install. So, the how to install Mobdro question – answered.

Potential issues with the app

Slow Streams/ Constant Buffering

Mobdro app doesn’t create or host the streams. It simply links them directly to you on your device. If the stream is slow or suffers from stuttering, then you may want to check your internet connection. If there is no problem with the connection, then clearly the problem is with the organization that is hosting the stream.

So, sorry to break it to you, folks, but there is nothing Mobdro can do about that.

Vanishing Streams

So you were hooked up to a stream earlier but now you can’t find it. Well, rest assured that it’s probably because the stream has gone offline at the source location.

Mobdro doesn’t add or remove streams at will. It only shows the ones which are available at the time.

Older version

Some people unknowingly forget to update the app which in turn causes some unexpected problems with the connections. A common issue is that the app displays the text “Check your connection”, even though the connection is absolutely fine.

If you get a message like this and your connection is fine, download the latest version from the official website.

Parse error

Another thing people often complain about is getting a Parse error message. Parse error simply means that the version of Mobdro you’re using is incompatible with the version of Android on your phone.

You need to update the Android version in order for Mobdro app to work on it.

When will it be made compatible with iOS?

I hate to say it but I don’t think Mobdro currently has any plans to bring about iOS compatibility. I think it will remain exclusively on Android, for the time being at least.

Chromecast Compatibility

As mentioned earlier, the premium version is indeed compatible with Chromecast. So you can enjoy the available streams on your big screen now if you have configured Chromecast.

Mobdro is not yet compatible with Roku.

Stream service geographical limitations

So, as is often the case, there are often streams which are not available in certain countries. If you’re trying to watch a stream from that country, it will put up a firewall.

The easiest solution to this is to install a Virtual Private Network or a VPN on your device. A VPN disguises your IP address and hides it under another, fake IP address belonging to another country where the stream is available.

This allows you to access the stream as the website doesn’t realize that the IP is a proxy. It’s kind of like using a fake ID card to get into the premises of an office.
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