Learn basic facts about dogs and how to keep them healthy

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Dogs are loyal and devoted companions. People love dogs like babies. They love to keep them in their houses. However, it is not a one sided love. Actually, dogs love humans too. They do not only love them for providing them food and shelter but indeed, they are empathetic and responsible. They make us rather force us to love them.

The bonding between dogs and human exist from centuries. People used to keep dogs even when they used to live in tribes. These dogs were considered as good protector and strong warriors in those times.

Benefits of Keeping Dogs

There are countless benefits of keeping any pet and keeping a dog tops them all. Some major benefits are as under:

  • Strong Bond with Human: Dogs make a special kind of bonding that totally depends on love and affection it receives from its owner. Usually, they have a special kind of sense through which they get to know, whenever their owner is sad. They respond to the tears and sadness. If the owner or the keeper has a sad expression on their face, these innocent beings will try to swipe that with their tongue to ease and relax their master which is obviously very heart melting.
  • Good Companion: Dogs provide company and become good friends to the human within no time. They become so close to their master that people generally enjoy and feel comfortable in their company. Some people even share their regular human stuff with these and they become awesome listeners.
  • Unconditional Love: They are also considered to be very good friends for those people who desired for unconditional affection from others. Dogs can decrease level of loneliness with their loving nature.
  • Can Reduce Depression: Dogs are kept in the houses as pet, to reduce depression as well. They ease loneliness and encourage mental stability. Depression, anxiety and stress can be overcome due to having dogs. They demand your attention and keep you busy with their little attention seeking stunts and thus give you less time to think about the depressing matters of your life.
  • Improves Physical Health: Dogs do not only increase the mental health but also improve our physical health by keeping us active. They love to play with their owner. They seek attention all the time due to which one cannot distant themselves from playing with them. You also have to take them out for a walk and in turn walk with it so that helps your health too.
  • Provides Security: Dogs also provide the sense of security and freedom. Children who grow up with dogs at their houses feel more secure and happy. They are tend to be more active and relaxed at the same time. They are also protective of you in case of all dangers, if any occurs.
  • Healthy Lifestyle: Dogs have healthy life style. They love to get up early in the morning. But they do not get up alone they end up forcing their master to take get up too, play with them or go out for a walk. This disciplines their owner’s lifestyle as well.

Choose the Right Breed

Thus, having a dog is fun. But it is also very important to match a right breed of dog with our own personality and lifestyle. If one’s lifestyle is busy and does not afford to take care of the dog, then it is better to keep a watch dog breed. Following are the things that you must ponder on before getting a dog:

  • Purpose to Keep a Dog: If you want to keep a dog you must question your need or purpose of it. Why you want to keep a dog? Are you going to keep them for fun or for protection? If it is for fun, then long hair breed puppies can also be kept. However, if they are kept for protection purposes then strong dog’s breed should be chosen like German shepherd and such like.
  • Assess Attainability: Some calculations should be made before keeping any breed of the dog. You should keep in mind all the family members’ age, house size, lawn size, neighbor’s lawn size, etc. For every said answer to the question, you can manage to have the matched breed of the dog. For instance, for small houses you cannot keep big dogs where there is no space for them to live or exist etc.

However, whatever is the lifestyle, everyone prefers to keep a healthy dog. Thus, the dog that should be physically and mentally healthy is preferred. Some of the good and active breeds of the dogs are German Shepherd, Australian Shepherd, Siberian Husky etc.

Health of Dogs

Lot of care is required to keep a dog. They are just like babies that need to be trained and cared for. Thoughtful actions by their owner, give them a lot of confidence and a happy lifestyle. Follow these points to help you keep your animal babies healthy:

  • Vaccinations: Vaccinations to any kind of breed should be given as soon as they enter in your house. In order to prevent any kind of disease, especially when children are around they should be vaccinated. A good vet should be contacted in order to know which vaccination should be provided as per the breed of the dog.
  • External Parasites: Dogs should be washed and shampooed for external parasites like fleas or lies that could affect anyone’s health. Instead of waiting for having any symptoms, they should be medicated and cleaned on regular basis.
  • Internal Parasites: Dogs should also be protected from internal parasites like roundworms, ringworms, lungworms etc. Dogs with such kind of infections can create a lot of problem. They could do vomits and may affect others especially children at home. Thus, every month, they should be medicated against such parasites rather than waiting for any symptoms to show up.
  • Exercise and Trainings: Dogs should be felt and kept as active. If they are felt as lazy and tired, it means they are not feeling well. Therefore, one should take them to the park or take them for walk or jogging at least for half an hour each day. Similarly, training them for toilet or making them understand the basic words like sit, come, jump etc. with verbal communication should be done regularly till they get trained or grab the meaning of the words.
  • Coat Care: Dogs always need their hairs to be trimmed brushed and shampooed. They could also be professionally groomed and get set from the shops. Short haired breed dogs only need brushing on their hair from time to time. However, long haired breed dogs need extra care. They should be kept clean all the time or else they could tend to spread different kind of diseases.
  • Dental Care: It is very important to take care of dog’s teeth. Remnants of food in their mouth could turn into plaque or can infect their teeth. Therefore, daily brushing of their teeth could keep them clean and healthy which should never be missed.

Nutrition and Treats

Since their health depends on it, a dog’s diet should be considered very seriously. You should select a natural diet option that is affordable, reachable and pretty nourishing for them. You should also consider the dog’s choice that he enjoys. The dog diet should be the one which is easily digestible, full of protein and vitamins. Consider the following options for your convenience:

  • Bones, raw meat, vegetables, rice and fish could be their main diet that can keep them healthy.
  • Salmon and tuna could be given in the fish options to them as they are full of protein and boost energy in dogs.
  • In vegetables: parsley, carrots, peas etc. could be given.
  • In raw meat: liver is also very good and usually dogs enjoy it a lot.
  • Oatmeal is digestible and good for their health.
  • Leftover food is usually provided to the dogs at home which is fine. However, that should not be given in regular routine since dog’s tummies are sensitive and could get upset with eating all the time the same kind food. So, it is always advisable to keep shuffling their diet in between human diet to raw and uncooked meat or vegetables.
  • You can also get dog’s food from market in the form of paste in cans or in the form of cookies. Dogs also enjoy this food however, processed or preserved food is not good to be given all the time. Just like humans, their tummies also get upset with processed and unnatural diet.
  • With all above food, you should not forget to give them plenty of water which is the key to keep them healthy.
  • Allergic Food

    We should take care of dog’s allergic reactions to the food. When they are allergic of any food, their signs are: excessive itching, scratching, licking, ear or skin infections, diarrhea or vomiting etc. Most common allergic food for dogs includes beef, dairy and wheat.

    Healthy Treats

    Besides all above food, like humans, dog also enjoys snacks and treats. To keep them healthy, we should keep their treats healthy too.

    • They could be given homemade treats, based on differently cooked vegetables, flavored apple pie cake or cookies.
    • The treats should always be given in between of the main meals.
    • They should be given the treats on their positive behavior like being calm and nice behavior or responding well to their training.


    Dogs are good companions. However, they should be kept with extra care and love in order to avail full benefits with their existence. They will be loyal and faithful to you only if you never fail to take care of them either. Remember! They feel your emotions and thus they have their own emotions too which should be valued and cared for.

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